one with
the universe

Relax your body. Close your eyes. Listen to
the sounds around you. Let them penetrate
your body--freely and deeply until a mode of
quiet sets in. Then pray

"Father, you are more real than the sounds
I hear I am hearing May each sound deepen my faith in your love for me."
Pause 20 seconds

At 20, Nathan McCall was imprisoned for
armed robbery. Upon his release, he studied
journalism, and became a reporter for the
Washington Post. Now imagine that you are
Nathan. See, feel, and hear what he sees,
feels, and hears. He writes:

"In prison I'd get grinding headaches. . . .
Eventually, I found a way to relieve the
stress. I'd stretch out on my bunk. . . .
Starting with my toes, I'd concentrate and
command everyone of my body parts to chill.
Often by the time I reached my head the
tension was gone."   Makes Me Wanna Holler
Pause 20 seconds

When I'd feel totally relaxed, I imagined myself
being lifted up and floating up and through
ceiling of the prison, as if it wasn't there.

Freed from the prison, I'd soar like an eagle
up, up into the sky, until the prison was just a
speck miles below me. Pause 20 seconds

relax'n trip out - week 598 - day 5 

  As I soared higher and higher, I'd enter an
amazing world of galaxies. I am awestruck
at their vastness, their colors, and their
incredible beauty.  Pause 20 seconds

5 Relax galaxy.jpg

As I drift through the galaxies, I begin to hear
beautiful music. I lose all awareness of
myself and become one with the music and
the beauty all about me. Pause 5 seconds

Final four paragraphs nspired by and adapted from Nathan McCall: Makes Me Wanna Holler

Now for the next 3 minutes just rest there
listening to the music, marveling at the beauty, and feeling at one with creation and its Creator.
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