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prayer before meditation

Father, you created me

and put me on earth
for a purpose.

Jesus you died for me

and called me
to complete your work.

Holy Spirit, you help me

carry out the work
for which I was created
and called.

your presence

and name, Father, Son,
and Holy Spirit,
I begin my meditation.
May all my thoughts
and inspirations
their origin in you
be directed
to your
greater honor
and glory.

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  key to
a fulfilling life

Do a little more than
you're paid to do
Give a little more
than you have to;

Try a little hard
than you want to;
Aim a little higher
than you think possible

Art Linkletter

week 598 - day 5   
person of the week

Jan Gies, 87, dies in the Netherlands

Jan Gies was a member
of the Dutch underground
in World War II. He and his
wife Miep achieved fame
through the diary of
14-year-old Anne Frank.

For 2 years he and his
wife Miep smuggled
food to Anne's family and
other Jews  in hiding.
Someone said of Jan.
He was not a person to
stand in the limelight.
"He was a man of few
words, but many deeds."

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